Covers all aspects of the airport operation and it can run in multi airport mode, serving independent airports or a family of airports.

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Manage your airport operations with PDC AODB

Cover all the aspects of your airport operations with PDC AODB and connect with all the other vital systems like Slot Coordination, AIMS, BHS, Docking, FIDS and AFAS real time.


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Manage your airport operations with PDC AODB

Cover all aspects of the airport operations with PDC AODB. Implement an airport operational database in your operation that is designed for dataflow automation. An automated dataflow minimises manual inputs and ensures a high level of data quality – which increases efficiency and lets your employees focus on value driving tasks.

PDC AODB is the backbone of your airport operation – creating the single source of truth with high quality data that is only introduced once and carried in the complete system.


Key benefits

  • High degree of automation ensures consistent high-quality data
  • Easy setup – enables smaller sized airports to be up and running in a couple of weeks.
  • Support for full season schedules enables accurate long-term resource planning
  • Robust and proven multi-airport system
  • Support for the A-CDM process


Run PDC AODB in your airport with instant exchange of information among stakeholders

Use PDC AODB in real time with integrations to your other airport vital systems like Slot Coordination, AIMS, BHS, Docking, FIDS and AFAS systems. Thereby, you get instant exchange of information between the different systems to benefit all stakeholders of your airport operations.

Collect information manually or retrieve it automatically through the switchboard of the PDC AODB exchanged between all stakeholders.

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A cost-effective solution for small or medium-sized airport with the easy setup

PDC AODB is designed for small to medium sized airports to ensure a fast and trouble-free implementation down to just a couple of weeks.
As a small or medium-sized airport you can get a cost-effective cloud solution with simple deployment and operations.
The system can also be installed on site for airports that have in-house capacity to host and manage. Whatever you choose, you can rely on PDC’s expert knowledge and experience within airport systems to assist you with the implementation and subsequent support.


Take manual work out of the invoicing process with PDC AODB

You can also purchase the PDC Billing module with your PDC AODB solution. So, you can take most of the manual labour out of the invoicing process. You get well-defined price structures for different services provided to airlines, which can both include airport charges and Ground Handling Services. The Billing module draws on the actual operated flights and the services provided to generate a PDF invoice ready to send to your customers.

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Manage multiple airports with one system

Are you operating multiple airports?
PDC AODB is designed to run your airport management in multi-airport mode, serving independent airports or a family of airports.
The multi-airport solution is a cost-effective solution for airport operators to centralise and automate the operations of multiple airports.


Utilise slot data in your PDC AODB from PDC SCORE

Utilise slot data from the world leading slot management system, PDC SCORE, used in more than 400 airports by coordinators and airports in almost 50 countries world-wide.

With the seamless integration between the PDC AODB and PDC SCORE you advance your operational performance with a high level of quality data while benefitting from optimised capacity management – no matter if you are an IATA service Level 1, 2 or 3 airport.

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Testimonial for PDC AODB

The most important for us is that data is only fed once and many entries are digitalised/ automated so that the operator avoids manual entries and errors.
In addition, the PDC system is integrated with our Radar Radis Aims system, so that flight schedules for ATC are received and automatically updated from ATC controller to PDC and vice versa.
Digital platform view provides quick overview of the stand situation. Just to mention some of the new features that PDC offers – a platform and a team we highly recommend.

Says Charles Poul Hansen, IT System Administrator at Aarhus Airport



Flemming Glyager, Director for PDC’s Airport Solutions Division

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