Flight Information System - PDC FIDS

for small and medium sized airports. It is a multi airport solution available as an installed or cloud solution.

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Elevate your Flight Information Displays with PDC FIDS

Get a fully flexible display setup for your design needs while experiencing fast updates with low latency based on real time data.

Airport FIDS system from PDC

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Run your small or medium-sized airport smoothly with PDC FIDS

Get a cost saving and effective solution for your small or medium-sized airport with PDC FIDS – Flight Information Display System.

With PDC FIDS you get an excellent onsite or cloud solution for your airport with easy setup and configuration.


Key benefits

  • Fully flexible display setup – design your own layouts
  • Extremely low latency for updates – response time of 1-2 seconds
  • Online (re-)configurations of monitors
  • Display advertisements when no flight information or show them side by side
  • Advanced surveillance solution for remote monitoring and control of displays


Use a combination of PDC FIDS and PDC AODB to run more complex operations

Combine PDC FIDS with the PDC AODB for improved automation and more complex operations.
With your PDC FIDS solution integrated to the PDC AODB you benefit from high-quality data pushed to your monitors in the matter of seconds. Reliable and accurate data is of the outmost importance for your customers and the passengers travelling in the airport.

Read more about airport operations with PDC AODB.


Get multiple features to solve different tasks with PDC FIDS

With PDC FIDS you can solve many different tasks. The multiple features include Flight Generator, a Stand Allocation package, Gate Assignment, Check-in Handling, Baggage Handling features etc. All these features are configurable through Administration programs.

The package has the possibility to handle automatic flight status messages from SITA or other message suppliers. The airport may be operated automatically without operator interventions, and at any time your operators can change into manual mode.


Manage multiple airports with one system

Are you operating multiple airports?
PDC FIDS is designed to run your airport management in multi-airport mode, serving independent airports or a family of airports.
The multi-airport solution is a cost-effective solution for airport operators to centralise and automate the operations of multiple airports.

You can run your PDC FIDS in multi-airport mode as an onsite or cloud version.


Testimonial for PDS FIDS

” We have had PDC’s FIDS since May 2017 and during that period we experience a very stable and fully automated system that fully lives up to our expectations.

Christina Dideriksen – Airport Manager in Roenne Airport, Denmark



Flemming Glyager, Director for PDC’s Airport Solutions Division

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