for any announcement in the airport. The system reacts immediately on any change in the underlying real time data.

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PDC PAS is a sophisticated automatic Flight Announcement and Passenger Announcement system for airports. The system employs state of the art text to speech technology to generate naturally sounding announcements in 26 different languages in response to any change in the underlying real time data.

The data may come from any source like AODB or FIDS or even the airline’s own database. The phrases used for the announcements as well as the rules for the announcements can be easily customised by the user and incorporate dynamic data elements from the data source. The package has a wide range of features giving the customer the freedom to adopt the announcements to today’s requirements with a few mouse clicks.

The PDC PAS system is also supplied with a web interface to manually trigger specific announcements when needed.


After almost 20 years of cooperation, I would like to say that PDC is a supplier that fully understands the needs of the customer and has expertise that contributes to extremely good deliveries in all areas.”

Says Flemming Hølvold,  Avinor



  • Flight Announcement system based on state of the art text to speech technology
  • Support for 26 languages with several voices (male/female) for each
  • Essentially unlimited vocabulary, since speech is synthesized
  • Generate specific calls for missing passengers in their own language
  • Easy to customise callout triggers and messages
  • Additional support for text/SMS messaging

Christian Krog Madsen, Department Manager, Airports

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