Streamline the entire staff scheduling process

Managing the complex logistics of coordinating people, vehicles and equipment

Optimized Staff and Production Planning in Broadcasting

PDC Plan is a scalable system for Manpower and Equipment Planning to Broadcasters with their own Production.


PDC Plan has proven its value and strengths for many years in Denmark at the National Broadcaster TV2 and eight Regional Broadcasters.<s/pan>


Easy Planning

TV Productions come in different categories. Some Broadcasts are recurrent Productions (like the news) and others occur only once or in a limited period. Some Productions are small, others are large (e.g. the Olympics). All types are easily managed with PDC Plan.

The core part of the planning process is determining the required number of staff, skills and equipment to perform the tasks.

PDC Plan provides good overviews, effective planning and search tools that enables efficient planning and utilisation of Editors, Journalists, Photographers and other Staff. The Planner can easily, in a single process dispatch staff and equipment to specific tasks or assignments.

Consistency and Structure

PDC Plan offers a user friendly and efficient planning tool and maintains structure and workflows in the Enterprise through standard methods for Planning, Communication of Plans, chat with Staff, Payroll Accounting and Reporting.

Compliance to Collective Agreements and Regulations

PDC Plan manages Worktime Legislation, hundreds of rules, allowances and supplements – both for Employees and Freelancers.


If you break a rule or convention you are immediately warned, so the plan can be adjusted.


Scheduling Employees

All Planners have access to all resources and can assign them to tasks everywhere in the organisation.

Satisfied Employees and Reduced Absence

The Employee Portal (Myplan) provides all Staff (including Freelancers) access to their tasks and plans. This includes information about which colleagues and what equipment are assigned. Employees can register their Working Time and Managers can decide whether the monthly exceeded time is overtime or the resource works less later in the period.

Key Figures and Management Information

When a Production Plan is established, a full overview of the cost is available based on the hours and the staff qualifications. This means that before any staff are assigned an estimated cost for the production/day/week/month is available to Management.

The Production Plan also includes Tasks, Working Plans, useful Statistics and Management Information – available at all levels.

Key figures are calculated continuously based on worktime, Tasks, Competences used, Cost and other data. PDC Plan has a number of Financial Dimensions and a Task or Production will always be assigned to a Project, an Account and Paying Department. In that way the structure of the cost is transparent to all.

At a Corporate level PDC Plan forecasts for future labour costs are an important input for monitoring and follow up.

Overview of Hours, Holiday, Time off in Lieu, etc.

With PDC Plan self-made accounts are no longer necessary because the Planner can register all data in the system. This means the Employer always has an updated overview of each individual’s hours, time off in lieu and vacation balances.

Time Registration or Integration with Clocking Systems

Employees can register their working hours via PDC Plan and the Manager has access to review these registrations before they are sent to Payroll. This helps to simplify administrative routines and reduces errors.

Integration to Payroll Systems

Once the Plan is implemented and adjusted to the actual working hours, the collected records are transferred to the Company’s Payroll System. Automation reduces the risk of error entries significantly and saves time on administration.



  • Secure correct qualification at the right time – even under very fast changing conditions
  • Overview of cost based on what is planned to be produced
  • Administrative relief
  • Overview of who is doing what and who is available for the next task
  • Securing correct payment even when rules are very complex
  • Satisfied employees and reduced absence
  • Possibility of very close interaction with staff through MyPlan

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