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Roster Management, Healthcare

PDC kan levere VagtPlan på SKI aftale

Roster planning has for many years been PDC’s core competence and we can offer a solution that optimizes your most valuable assets – the employees – to provide the best possible care.

StaffPlan is a robust and proven IT system that helps to solve a comprehensive and time-consuming task. This is whether you are a professional planner or have it as a side task in relation to your actual work.

We have worked with shift planning for more than 30 years for various industries, including:

StaffPlan is the most widespread system in Denmark with seamless integration to numerous payroll systems.


PDC’s solutions include:



85% of  Danish hospitals

Schedule their staff using PDC’s StaffPlan

4 / 5 Danish Regions

Use PDC’s StaffPlan at their hospitals

Danish Municipalities

Schedule care staff in elderly care using PDC’s StaffPlan


Our solutions are used across all employee groups, whether they are permanent or temporary, and in all phases from planning, dissemination of plans to operations management and payroll.



High quality – better care
Fair roster planning

The right staff in the right place with the right skills at the right time meets the needs of patients / citizens.

Engaged Staff
Consider staff skills in your roster planning

Appreciated involvement provides a flexible work plan that improves work / life balance.

Optimal use of skilled staff
StaffPlan automates roster planning

Specialized planning methods ensure the efficient use of doctors, nurses and other staff in hospitals and nursing homes.

Reduced cost and administration
Get detailed payroll information from your roster plans
StaffPlan takes over the time-consuming and trivial work and provides an overview of cost consumption.


Ole Grønskov,
Sales Director, Workforce Management

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