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Mobile app for Staff to view, swap and request shifts and leave, and to communicate with the Planner and each other.

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Employee Portal for Healthcare Staff

MyPlan is a best of breed, web based Staff Portal connected to StaffPlan. It can be accessed on Pc’s, Tablets and Smartphones and works as the Employee’s entrance to StaffPlan.

MyPlan makes it easy to involve Employees in the Working Schedule and give them influence on the final Working Plan. From a Pc or a Smartphone, Employees can submit wishes for duties and off duty hours. In an already published Plan, they can give away shifts or exchange shifts with each other. However, a Central Planner must accept such transactions, before they are valid.

In addition, Employees can register hours, see future and past Working Plans and Time Sheet Totals (Statements of i.e. additional hours earned, settled time off, vacation etc.). Finally, it is possible for the individual Employee to chat with Colleagues or the Planner through MyPlan or SMS, and the Planner can send messages to a group of Employees.


The Key wins gained by SaintThomas in Canada

  • 74% reduction in Staff walk-ins and call-ins
  • Outgoing contact process reduced from 5.6 days per month to 1 hour
  • 70% of all shift swaps being managed Employee-Employee (with Planner approval)
  • With MyPlan, 54% of shifts were approved within 90 minutes – 94% within the same day
  • Giving Staff a greater sense of control over their own Rosters by transferring planning burden from Administrative to Floor-Staff (improving Employee satisfaction)


The Employees will experience greater satisfaction with their workplace by getting flexibility and the possibility to coordinate and balance family life and work. The Company will save time on planning and administration. In return comes satisfied and responsible Employees. Normally, this has an effect of less stress and sickness among the Staff.

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  • Less administration
  • Easily accessible on Smartphones
  • Always up to date
  • No more print outs on paper
  • Happy Employees

Marlene Lønge Bruun,
Key Account Manager

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