roster planning

and set yourself in a better position to offer a good everyday life for your elderly citizens.

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Roster Planning in Elderlycare

PDC kan levere VagtPlan på SKI aftale

Increasingly, Denmark is implementing innovative technologies to improve quality of life for elderly citizens and support the workflows of care professionals. Technology plays a significant role in relieving the pressure on care staff and improving their working environment. For many caregiver organizations this is becoming even more critical with facing workforce shortages on the rise.

As the ageing population grows, technology can also support care organizations and workers by taking the burden out of roster planning.

Good shift plans improves life for the elderly

IT for roster planning has become a central part of the modern caregiver’s tools for delivering efficient, quality, and timely care for our elderly citizens. By ensuring the right nursing staff with the right qualifications in the right place at the right time you are in a better position to offer a good everyday life for your elderly citizens.

PDC Plan provides good shift plans

With PDC Plan have a tool that ensures every staffing demand to be met and integrates the individual preferences of each staff member, giving greater employee satisfaction.

PDC Plan provides powerful scheduling tools to cover a multitude of shifts, needs and expectations every day, efficiently and easily. In addition, PDC Plan helps planners keep track of staffing reports, regulated ratios, and all the demands that caregivers must meet.


StaffPlan automates roster planning
Automate planning for
optimal allocation of personnel

Tailor a solution to your needs and deliver good roster plans for the benefit of the citizens and society.

Compliant roster plans

Comply with legislation,
employee agreements, etc.

Avoid the cumbersome administrative processes.

Consider staff skills in your roster planning

Match employees’ qualifications,
and skills with demand

Ensures the right employees are on duty to provide good care and nursing.

Reduce time spent on roster planning

Reduce time spent
by automating your processes

Powerful planning tools do the hard and trivial work for you while you still have full control.

Fair roster planning

Ensure fair planning
with an even spread
of popular and unpopular shifts.

One way to balance work life with private life is to allow employees to influence their own work. In addition, PDC Plan has algorithms that ensure fair and uniform treatment of all employees.

Manage absence in TeamPlan

Handle any type of absence easily and
get suggestions on who can take a vacant shift.

TeamPlan is a manager app with which, illness and other types of absence can be handled on a tablet, so you avoid having to open a computer to access the shift schedules.

The staff portal is available on smartphones

Swap and request shifts,
chat with planners,  ….

MyPlan is a staff portal connected to PDC Plan. It can be accessed on pc’s, tablets and smartphones and works as the employee’s entrance to PDC Plan.

With MyPlan your shift plans are always at your hands

Manage temp staff and
employees borrowed from other departments

Advanced reservation, accounting and consulting facilities make temporary and ad hoc planning very flexible and cost-effective.

Manage temp staff

View real-time roster plans on your smartphone or computer

The communication between planner and staff is much easier and smooth via internet and mobile phones. The roster is always available and when changes are made, they are communicated to the staff right away.

Get detailed payroll information from your roster plans

Calculate work hours,
allowances, etc, and get correct pay

Get detailed payroll information and cost reports so you can compare performance against budget – during planning.

Great visibility in your roster planning

Great visibility
improves decision making

Make informed decisions with a 360° overview of staffing data across your systems to ensure you are staffed for high quality care.

StaffPlan provides a rich set of BI

Gather valuable
management information

Identify patterns, problem areas and causal relationships so that appropriate action can be taken.



Ole Grønskov,
Sales Director, Workforce Management

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