Efficient shift planning of nurses and clinicians

PDC Plan provides great involvement and flexibility to all staff members

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Roster Planning in Hospitals

PDC kan levere VagtPlan på SKI aftale

PDC has many years of experience with roster planning of clinicians, nurses, and others – including temps. Our easy-to-use technology supports planners in performing administrative tasks faster and more straightforwardly. Facilitates compliance at all levels while providing insights and safety to boards, enabling staff to influence their shifts so they can focus on caring for patients.


“PDC Plan can do in minutes what used to take us hours. We’ve saved up to 2 FTE weeks per month”  – 




Administrative Relief

PDC Plan takes over the time-consuming and trivial work

Consistency & Visibility

Introduce standard processes, transparency and fairness in the way activities are remunerated


PDC Plan integrates to a variety of systems such as HR, Payroll, Finance, Dispatch and Clocking systems

Cost Savings
Get detailed payroll information from your roster plansNo unnecessary expenses because well-defined job plans run efficiently


All the products we offer have been developed with healthcare professionals in mind and aim to ensure safer and more productive work.


The Capital Region of Denmark saved € 62 Million during three years by dropping external temporary staff and managing internal temporary staff  in PDC Plan


25 years of experience in hospitals

PDC Plan is widely used for roster planning in Danish hospitals  where the program has been used for more than 25 years. The program is known by most under a different name but it will in future be promoted as “PDC Plan”.

Wall-to-wall solution with integrations

PDC Plan is an all-in-one solution that is used across all employee groups, whether they are permanent or temporary employees, and in all phases from planning, dissemination of plans to operations management and payroll. PDC Plan has full integration with several HR and payroll systems.



Better Patient Care

By having employees with the right skills in the right place at the right time

Optimal Utilization of Staff
StaffPlan automates roster planning
Specialised planning methods dedicated to specific staff groups maximise the efficiency of your workforce
Reduced Need for Expensive Temps

Efficient management of internal temps provides savings and better working conditions at the ward

Happy Staff

Appreciated participation in planning provides a flexible work plan that balances work life and leisure


Ole Grønskov,
Sales Director, Workforce Management

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