Roster Planning in Hospitals

PDC kan levere VagtPlan på SKI aftale

At the hospital, you are an expert in what you do. PDC has many years of experience supporting complex workforce management and takes over tedious administrative tasks.

With the proper IT you will make planning better for everybody.

  • Complete, skill-based coverage
  • Optimal staff utilisation
  • Reduced need for costly temporary staff
  • Happy Employees


In a world where two days are not alike, PDC Plan is your means to become a “Planning Hero” to:

  • Your Patients
    Less stressed Staff are better able to care for Patients
  • Your Colleagues
    Highly valued influence on work with a flexible workplan better fitting work/life balances
  • Your Manager
    To ensure full coverage with optimal resource allocation, reducing costly temporary staff
  • Your Employer
    Always looking for efficiency, productivity and within laws and agreements
  • You
    Overview and in control with an instant capacity insight, task coverage from possible skill pools, assistance and suggested solutions in the Day to Day operation, so you can do your part safely and well
  • Conscience and ethics
    Professional pride in the job, make compliance possible, and maintain the nursing code


The Capital Region of Denmark saved € 62 Million during three years by dropping external temporary staff and managing internal temporary staff  in StaffPlan


Compliance with laws and Regulations

PDC Plan supports you to ensure compliance with Contract Agreements, legislative requirements and your organisation’s business logic. With compliance checks and alerts when rules are about to be broken, PDC Plan gives you practical help in allocating your resources according to rules, business goals, Employee wishes and staffing needs. Seamless integration with salary systems means correct salary is paid on time, every time.

Employee Involvement

Being involved in the planning process reduces absenteeism and increases Employee satisfaction, giving staff a greater sense of autonomy and influence. Actively engage your staff in the planning process with PDC’s intuitive app – an easy one stop shop where they can:

  • Request shifts/absence/vacation
  • Swap shifts among themselves
  • Register availability and attendance
  • View their leave balance, hours and overtime
  • Chat with the planner and each other


“StaffPlan can do in minutes what used to take us hours. We’ve saved up to 2 FTE weeks per month”  – 



Easy Communication with Staff

Live updated data in one easy system means everyone works from current information, all the time.  When staff make a request, you’ll see it right away and can approve, reject, or contact the staff member through an instant chat function that keeps all your correspondence about planning within the planning system – no more email or Facebook.

Good Reporting

Easily aggregate and export data for reporting and business intelligence via excel, PDC’s BI tools, or your own. Set up your own KPIs or use standard sets from PDC’s Data Warehouse. Compare data across departments and the whole organisation and view via Dashboard or reports. With the information to drive fact based conversations, you can take control of your budget and keep labour costs down.

Ole Grønskov,
Sales Director, Workforce Management

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