Workforce management for Public services and others

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Public Services & Others

PDC has delivered scalable roster planning solutions to a wide range of clients that are all challenged by high level of complexity. Complexity comes in different shapes and despite differences, many larger organisations and companies that work beyond 9-5 have similar characteristics and challenges:

  • Large numbers of staff to be scheduled and tracked
  • Different staff skills
  • Fluctuating demand for staff
  • Varied facilities and equipment to be scheduled
  • Coordination, planning and reporting needed of the resources – maybe across multiple business units or countries
  • A need to implement and manage new and more flexible working practices
  • Ability to accurately cost work plans
  • Ensure compliance with labor rules and legislation

For some businesses PDC has developed an industry solution of PDC Plan while other businesses have individually customized solutions. But common to them all, they gain data-driven decision support, structure in their workflow and transparency in their data, and high degree of employee satisfaction.


This is where PDC Plan provides intelligent decision support


PDC Plan provides decision support enabling you to act proactively when the surroundings change rapidly. PDC Plan makes it easier for you to make the right choices instantly at a point in time where choices can still be made and thus leave you with the best possible cards at hand.

PDC Plan is a wall to wall solution and supports the entire process from the early production planning and combining this with rostering of staff.

PDC Plan streamlines the entire staff, resource scheduling, and production planning process, which translates to better customer care, better work plans and less overtime, less administration, high utilization of scarce resources – while assuring that all manpower needs are met and ultimately within budgets.

PDC Plan delivers innumerable KPI’s which gives valuable insight to every important function in your organization.


We have used PDC Plan since 1989 and appreciate the solution very much. E.g. in the follow-up phase, it’s easy and fast to adjust shifts to reflect who have actually been working on a given day. Furthermore, it is a splendid system for managing the monthly salaries. It’s quick and easy to get useful information of how many hours each person has performed, including the various shift supplements.

Conny Hedegaard, Staff Planner at Scandinavian Airlines Flight Dispatch, comments on PDC Plan



PDC Plan takes into account many factors:

  • Production Planning
  • Rostering
  • Communication
  • Employee Preferences
  • Salary Calculation
  • Time Registrations
  • Integration to Payroll
  • KPI’s and Budgets
  • BI and Dashboards

Tue Vestergaard Nielsen,
Department Manager

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