When Time Matters

Supporting you to make the right decisions in compliance with employee preferences

Staff Scheduling in Public Services and Others

Allocating the right staff with the right qualifications, for the right task and at the right time requires more than a crystal ball.

The ideal roster plan remains within the economic framework (budget), manages staffing and equipment requirements, complies with regulatory requirements, fulfills employee wishes, makes fair plans, etc.


200.000 people’s shift plan are made using PDC Plan


PDC Plan makes the prospective as well as the daily planning simple by providing effective planning tools, search tools, and al relevant information available in intuitive pictures. Using PDC Plan you may schedule at multiple levels: General scheduling of meeting times, but also detailed scheduling with allocation of specified activities down to minutes.


Using MyPlan in combination with PDC Plan 54% of shifts swaps were approved within 90 minutes – 94% within the same day



Roster planning with PDC Plan takes into account many factors simultaneously:

  • Balancing Manning Needs
  • Compliance with Rules and Agreements
  • Meet Employee Preferences
  • Skills and Competences
  • Dispatch
  • KPI’s

Tue Vestergaard Nielsen,
Department Manager

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