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Roster Planning


Creating good roster plans is often a complicated process. It is difficult to clearly appreciate the many possible combinations of duty periods, duty hours, time-off-in-lieu requirements, holidays, etc. that will ensure each person works the correct number of hours.

First and foremost, it is important that internal and external rules are correctly implemented while maintaining adequate manning levels and ensuring a fair distribution of the various shift types. Scheduling restrictions (financial or other) may exist and must be taken into account.

Thus, efficient roster scheduling saves great resources and thus time to focus the efforts on other areas. In addition, time will be saved in the scheduling process itself.



Vagtplanlægning online på PC eller smartphone

200.000 people’s roster plans are made using PDC Plan
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Fast Rostering

Many routine operations disappear with the use of PDC Plan. Duty changes are made online and all routine operations such as counting and computing working hours, supplements/ extra payments, minimum staff requirements and holiday needs, etc., are handled automatically and immediately. The scheduler asks the system to automatically generate and optimize a plan based on the staff requirements, available staff, holiday plans, duty wishes, etc.

Obviously, this is fast and the consumption of hours, money, over time, extra work, etc., is being calculated simultaneously. Alternatively, you can make the plans manually using the “knowledge” of the system to check for violations, requirements, etc. These facilities are also used during the daily work when making corrections and changes.

Good Roster Plans

PDC Plan is a tool that provides a quick set up of roster schedules, as well as a flexible and efficient duty and personnel effort – not to mention correct payment for the work executed. Having a good overview of your resources is extremely important when putting together the puzzle of duty plans, overtime, time-off-in-lieu, bonuses etc. Even here PDC Plan will offer considerable savings.

Cost Savings

PDC Plan means savings – in several ways. First of all, it is important to determine an exact demand for staff. We want to avoid the classical situation with over manning that causes the company unnecessary salary expenses.

On the contrary, under manning will cause a loss of customers. If the customers are not properly serviced they will find another supplier. PDC Plan can determine the man-power need based on dynamic circumstances e.g. expected turnover, workload, activities, etc.

Employee Influence on Duties

Employee influence leads to a general improvement in the satisfaction amongst staff and improved working morale. When wishes for duties or absence are complied it converts into reduced absence due to sickness and additionally, it also means fewer changes of the schedules in the daily work. For staff reasons this is important but PDC Plan also saves the company a lot of law suits and union cases.

Reduced Administration

The time and resources used to administer work schedules, employee payment data and absentee statistics, etc. are greatly reduced. A number of statistics can be extracted from the PDC Plan information. Salary carrying data can easily be extracted and transferred to a payroll systems.

Easy Access to Schedules

It is easy for employees to watch their roster schedules over the internet i.e. accomplished duties and duties transferred to calculation of salary, but also scheduled and not yet accomplished duties. Apart from this, the employee can enter his wishes for duties and absence directly into PDC Plan.

Cost Overview

PDC Plan supplies the required information to get an overview of the total costs of a plan per employee/duty. Thus, it is possible to bring financial aspects into scheduling even beforehand.

Communicate Schedule Information Effectively

PDC Plan allows you to share schedule information by giving staff access to the schedule both on web and on smartphones. And with the click of a button, you can send updated schedules via e-mail, sms or publish them to your website.

Interface to External Systems

PDC Plan can be integrated with external salary, personnel and budget systems where information can be transferred automatically to and from the PDC Plan system.

Automatic Payroll Information

As you create shift assignments, PDC Plan automatically sums up employees’ work hours, calculates overtime, supplements, time-off-in-lieu, etc. and provides detailed payroll information and cost reports so you know beforehand if you are on budget.



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