Shift planning for ambulance services

Balancing the contractual preparedness demands with the costly and scarce manpower and other resources

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Roster Management for Ambulance Services

PDC Plan is tailored to the Emergency Medical Services’ need for workforce planning in a world characterized by contractual requirements to quick response and demands.

This solution is based on one specific planning method: Demand based planning.

Optimized shift scheduling at ambulance services
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  • “Production” / demand may vary but must be performed with existing personnel and equipment
  • Compliance with work rules, legislation, norm hours, …
  • Requirements for special qualifications must be met
  • Employees know their plans far into the future
  • Risk minimization – minimize consequences of not meeting the demand


The method offers:

  • Handles fluctuations in demand by changing shifts
  • Demand is described in complete shifts
  • Shifts describe the production
    (vehicles, equipment, driver, paramedics, …
  • Focus on not-covered demand
  • Easy way to allocate tasks while the plan is in operation
  • Good overview of KPI’s and cost



Compliance to Collective Agreements and Regulations
PDC Plan manages hundreds of rules and conventions – both in the individual business and across national borders. The system ensures that all employees are treated equally under the current rules.

Key Figures and Management Information
With PDC Plan documentation of the roster plans, useful statistics and Management information is available at all levels. Key figures are calculated continuously based on roster plans, Turnover and other imported data. Realised and projected earnings as well as absenteeism rates are easily compared and can be used by managers in their planning or by the area manager in the continuous follow up. At a corporate level PDC Plan’s forecast of future labor costs are an important input for monitoring and follow up. Data from PDC Plan can easily be transferred to your data warehouse.

Better Plans – Improved Service
PDC Plan assists in making good roster plans, so the planning officer can create a plan where tasks are matched with employees’ duty hours and qualifications.

Satisfied Employees and Reduced Absence
PDC Plan enables the Staff to request duty hours and time off. This allows the staff to actively take part in the process of making the roster to the benefit of both employees and the company.

Easy Communication via MyPlan
Work Plans are easily distributed to the staff. Employees can see their own plans and department plans on their smartphones. Therefore, they always have the updated plan ready at hand. Ongoing changes are communicated in the same smooth manner and the employees are notified when changes occur. Likewise, the staff can also swap duties or communicate with the planner via MyPlan.

Control with Salary Expenses
PDC Plan enables lower labor costs. The Planner can easily grasp long time periods and apply the conventions’ opportunities to distribute employees’ working hours. This avoids unnecessary overtime and overstaffing. The system continuously calculates the salary impact of the roster plan and compares this with budgets.

Overview of Hours, Holiday, Time off in Lieu, etc.
With PDC Plan you always have an updated overview of each individual’s hours, time off in lieu and vacation balances. These balances are also available to the employee, so the planner and employee always have the same picture of the current plan and balances.

Sharing of Staff
Using PDC Plan, staff can be easily shared between different cost centre’s. The Employee immediately appears in the roster plan where he will cover a duty – and staffing profiles are automatically updated.

Time Registration or Integration with Clocking Systems
Employees can register their hours via PDC Plan or MyPlan. The system also integrates with existing clocking systems in your organisation. When time registration is activated or when PDC Plan is integrated to a clocking system errors are reduced and the administrative burden is relieved.

Integration to Payroll Systems
Once the plan has been executed and adjusted to the actual working hours, the collected records are transferred to the Payroll system. Automation reduces the risk of error entries and saves time on administration.


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