Scheduling and Dispatch

There are industries where it is crucial that tasks are performed by specialised staff, on time and of the right quality. It may be a team of Nurses and Doctors or Staff who will service an aircraft at the airport, so it is ready for a timely departure.

Also, in these industries, sudden or unforeseen events occur and must be dealt with. This must be done so that the working day goes as smoothly as possible and with the fewest possible delays or cancellations. Managing such dynamic environments with tight day programs often requires dedicated IT support for decision support.

PDC’s software supports this Dispatch Scheduling and communication between Employees and Planners. Whether the planning process is manual, interactive or fully automated, PDC’s advanced scheduling methodology will make the dispatch easier.

PDC’s platform supports Planners by providing a visual indication of where to pay attention and specific actions to be taken. Visual feedback in the plans allows you to see “problematic” jobs that may affect other planned activities in the event of resource collapse or lack of qualifications. Together with intelligent decision support facilities, decisions can be made quickly and on a computerised basis. It may be the difference that makes you meet the production needs.

Behind the graphic presentations lies PDC’s rule engine, which constantly makes calculations and assessments of whether the necessary resources (people, qualifications, equipment, etc.) are available, which can perform the necessary tasks for the order to be executed. If not, the system provides decision support for where, when, and how to intervene. The cost of completing the tasks is calculated so that it is transparent to everyone what a given task will cost to accomplish. In addition, PDC Plan constantly monitors how costs related to a specific task should be distributed. The financial dimensions like paying department, project and account are regular parts of that analysis.

From an Employee’s perspective, it is important to be able to see what tasks are planned at the individual shift. Who is you on your team and what equipment is available e.g. vehicles. This is communicated clearly and efficiently from Planner to Employee.


With live, automated IT from PDC, available, skilled Human Resources can be effectively deployed to maximise output and minimise costs.

This also counteracts that Customer Service is affected by circumstances that could have been foreseen earlier.

Thomas Aagard,
Head of Business Development

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