Do municipalities/regions have to buy Finance, Payroll and Shift Planning systems together or separately?

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Shift planning tenders without payroll

Article written by Carsten Christoffersen,
Marketing Manager of PDC.

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When hospitals or municipalities publish a tender for Financial, Payroll and Shift Planning, they are often faced with the question: Should we go for an overall solution or each solution separately? Do we get the best solution by choosing the same supplier?


We live in a multi-supplier world. This means that even at home we have different suppliers of various services. We do not necessarily want the same gas, water and internet provider. Why? Because each supplier has competence in their own field and because of their specialty we can get services that better suit our needs.

The IT sector is no exception. Large companies offer a wide range of products as a kind of “supermarket” with many sub-suppliers and contracts. Other suppliers are experts in their field and can deliver the latest innovations directly to the customer. Maybe your single supplier relationship is working now. But do you always get the best quality in all products by choosing a single supplier?

Probably not; so it may be useful to look at the key benefits that a multi-vendor relationship with PDC can offer:

Quality and functionality: It is very difficult to get the best quality in all areas if you work with a single supplier who uses sub-suppliers to deliver the whole “package”. A supplier is typically particularly competent in some selected areas but lacks competence in the parts that are not developed internally. So the complicated payroll and rostering projects you plan to procure will require multiple vendors, each with their own specific expertise. The main supplier does not always have sufficient influence on sub-suppliers and their product.

PDC’s core competence is “shift planning”. Our many years in the hospital and eldercare markets have provided us with a unique knowledge of  rules and agreements. This, combined with experience from private companies, has created an unrivaled IT solution and expertise in the field. Our wide selection of planning models enables us to solve the duty planning task precisely in relation to the needs and characteristics of each individual customer.

Is it automatic planning that you want? Demand-driven? Across departments? Employee management? We offer a stand-alone planning solution, and therefore it is of course crucial that we integrate with most payroll systems on the market. Our system is designed that way: 100% integrated with our customers’ payroll systems.

Own development: If you choose one total supplier of payroll and shift planning, you easily end up in the situation where parts of the supply come from subcontractors. In other words, it is not the supplier himself who has the competences in the given areas and the purpose of a single supplier is diluted.

With PDC as a direct supplier of “shift planning”, you have full access to the team that develops the solution. It is easier to follow the progress of the work and the direct communication is much simpler and more accessible than when outsourcing to subcontractors. We can quickly and easily offer on-site teams to troubleshoot or upskill your employees, and customers are invited to regular user group meetings and can directly influence development strategy.

Easy acquisition: PDC’s roster system can easily be acquired in a new and extremely flexible way to avoid large, complicated tender sessions.

Product upgrades: When you work with multiple suppliers, you typically get smaller packages from each of your suppliers. Thus, you can get upgrades faster and more often. This can affect the overall results of your project.

Improved bargaining power: In a single supplier relationship, the supplier has less influence on its prices. Even when a single supplier strategy is preferred, it can be useful to invite several suppliers to provide price offers regarding new technological needs.

Recommendation: It is of course up to the individual municipality/region to decide how Payroll, Finance and Shift Planning systems are to be procured. But if you want to expose the quality and economy of solutions to competition in all areas and benefit from the best and latest knowledge on the market – then you must allow individual suppliers to participate in the tender process – by dividing the tender.

The quality of the acquisitions and their results will benefit the municipality/region – in terms of competence, functionality and finances.

Carsten Christoffersen, Marketing Manager,
Workforce Management

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