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Shift planning that suits family life

Article written by Carsten Christoffersen,
Marketing Manager at PDC.

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Employees have a great influence on their shift plans if they use the app “MyPlan” that is connected to PDC Plan. For people with changing working hours, it gives freedom and more time for family when you can plan your shifts yourself.

Co-influence creates better balance

Changing working hours create challenges in relation to partners, children, friends, and hobbies. Smaller children require daily routines with regular eating and bedtimes. Likewise, it can be difficult to make time for a presence with a partner or choir singing every Monday.
With the MyPlan app for PDC Plan, a tool is offered to have a say in when you want to work and take time off. In general, studies indicate that co-influence has a positive effect on the balance between work and private life, because one can plan oneself out of work that is inappropriate in relation to private life.

They work while others take time off

The health service and elderly care are residential institutions where there is a need for doctors, nurses, SOSUs, etc. day, evening, and night all days of the week. The retail trade is characterized by long opening hours and many part-time employees. For several industries, they work while others take time off.
For many, changing working hours works well. And it works even better with MyPlan, where you can choose which shifts you want – and not have. It can provide the variety of work you are looking for and the freedom to arrange practical chores and pick up children early from school.

A puzzle to solve

A shift planner may not know what to consider for the individual employee when making the work schedule. With MyPlan, the employee can plan if the children are going to sports or you are going to a parent meeting yourself. You know when it is best with a late shift or day shift for the family’s “puzzle to go up”.
Some people use MyPlan to plan when they want time off – others like to make the entire shift schedule themselves. That way, you can, for example, avoid having too many night shifts in a row. Balancing work life and leisure is a puzzle, and MyPlan offers great flexibility to meet the wishes of the family and the workplace.

Co-influence provides a better working climate

Influence on shift planning is not only good for privacy. It also helps to create better well-being in the workplace because wishes are met. When you sense that your own needs are considered, you also take greater account of the whole and responsibility for the overall plan. Employee loyalty is greater in relation to a plan they themselves have wanted.

Carsten Christoffersen, Marketing Manager,
Workforce Management

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