Be aware of the devil in the detail

when you look for shift planning

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Shift planning creates value

Article written by Carsten Christoffersen,
Marketing Manager at PDC.

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When you acquire a roster planning system, there are many factors that come into play. Often it is the major functional areas and benefits that are mentioned:

  • Less administration
  • Compliance with collective agreement rules
  • Optimized staff utilization

Many suppliers can meet these requirements, but “the devil is in the detail”.

How streamlined is the roster system when everyday life hits?

Let’s just mention 3 areas that have a big influence on satisfaction:

How easy is it to find a replacement on Wednesday morning when an employee calls in sick? Who is available to replace? Who has the qualifications? How much work is it to find a replacement?
For PDC Plan, we have developed a department manager app, which is only aimed at managing day-to-day absences. When a replacement must be found, available colleagues – with the right skills – are suggested. Offers for available shifts are sent to relevant people, who can easily take the shift via their personal employee app. The problem of finding a replacement is quickly solved.


Is the payslip understandable, and correct? Can employees see whether they are being paid correctly for work done? Overtime? Extra work?
For PDC Plan, we have developed an employee app with a wealth of useful functions. Easy-to-understand balance statements show e.g. accrued work, allowances, time off etc. which make the pay slip easy to understand. Correct pay is on all of our minds, and you save a lot of inquiries about pay that require case processing. Read blog article about understanding pay slip.


Can the employees exchange shifts between themselves when there is a desire to do so? Can you only exchange on the day or also in the future? Is it checked whether the exchange colleague has the right qualifications? Whether agreements are observed?
Among the functions of the employee app is the option to request shifts and time off in your future shift schedule. But when everyday life hits us, there is always a need to change our shift schedule. Therefore, PDC offers an easily accessible way to find colleagues with whom you can swap shifts. Only suitable colleagues are displayed – i.e. people who are available, comply with all rules, have qualifications etc. Shift changes can take place at any time and they save you for many inquiries, post-its etc., which have to be processed, salary adjustments etc.


These 3 properties have great value in everyday life

They provide great freedom and flexibility for the employees – a freedom that can be compared to that of the temporary worker.

Influence on one’s own work time gives greater job satisfaction, greater loyalty to plans and, for some part-time employees, a desire to move up to full-time work.

When the details work in a streamlined manner, absenteeism and the need for expensive substitutes are reduced.

Ole Grønskov,
Sales Director, Workforce Management

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