Manpower planning for Ferries

Ensure proper manning according the traffic demands

Staff Scheduling to Ferry Companies

PDC Plan dynamically supports the end-to-end process of roster planning and dispatch of crew members in ferry companies and provides documentation for compliance to legislation.

Fully integrated
With integration to booking system the number of passengers attending each sailing is reflected in PDC Plan and used by the system to create the exact demand for staff to comply with safety regulations.

Integration to access control systems gives the captain an online overview on which crew members are onboard.

Intuitive Staffing process

Via MyPlan employees can indicate their preferences for duties and time off and this input is visible to the planner instantly and is used during the planning process to make plans which accommodate with both the organisational requirements and the preferences of the individual.


PDC Plan dynamically evaluates certificates of crew cembers and warn you in due time so you have time to arrange training and/or re-certification.

Compliance with Work Rules and Regulations as well as relevant Union Agreements is a matter of course.

Controllers can on a detailed level see all relevant KPI’s which your organisation reports on and hence project future results which gives you the opportunity to take action to today to optimise the results of tomorrow.

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