PDC Plan allows staff involvement
in roster planning

Streamlines the entire process from shift planning to payroll

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PDC Plan for planners

PDC Plan is an IT solution for shift planners to perform efficient workforce management and roster planning in various lines of business.

PDC Plan meets every staffing demand. Whether there are two or three shifts to cover in a 24-hour cycle, and taking into account the individual requests and preferences of each staff member. Our system provides powerful scheduling tools to cover a multitude of shifts, needs and  expectations every day, efficiently and easily.

PDC Plan supports the planning personnel in structuring the process of:

  • Demand and shift planning
  • Rostering
  • Daily management
  • Reporting and administrative processes

PDC Plan meets the planning needs of customers in two broad categories: Simple and Complex planning.

Simple Planning

Simple planning uses shifts to meet demand, and allows the planner to generate rosters to communicate to staff when and where they will be working, and what activities they will be doing during a shift. PDC Plan takes care of skills, availability, and provides an easy rotation pattern that allows the planner to give staff a fair share of weekends, night shifts etc.

Where PDC differs from other providers of simple planning is in our ability to do very accurate, complex calculation of worktime rules and legislation, for example where staff have different rates of pay within or across shifts, or where there are very many staff and the risk of salary errors is potentially very costly.

Complex Planning

Complex planning responds to the demand of the business as the critical factor. Within this, there are different set-ups for businesses with fluctuating demand, multiple workforces, high stakes for planning errors, expensive specialist resources, strict quality and safety requirements and the  need for a high degree of detail in the planning.

PDC has unique tools and strengths in complex planning that makes us particularly valuable to these customers. PDC has a competitive advantage over other planning companies here because of our ability to model the demand in the customer’s way of producing, and calculate costs before planning resources.


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Ole Grønskov,
Sales Director, Workforce Management

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