Absence Management

It can be accessed on smartphones or tablets

App to managers, TeamPlan

TeamPlan is an app to managers who handle the day-to-day operational tasks regarding scheduling in PDC Plan.

TeamPlan provides access to PDC Plan without a computer

Imagine the following:

It hums with activity in the hallways and the ward’s employees are meeting for another working day. As a head nurse or manager of the ward you are already preparing for the day to be as smooth as possible for everyone.

You are also in the hallway when an absence message suddenly arrives. You must now decide whether you can manage without this person or whether a replacement must be called – and if so, who?

Often, it requires you to return to the office, start the computer, log on to the systems, etc. to find a suitable replacement that does not break any working hours rules.

It may also be that you write a post-it note and take care of the matter later. It is time consuming and disruptive to what you were doing.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way!

You no longer need to save the post-its or remember which changes are needed in the roster. Changes can be made directly in TeamPlan – on tablets or the mobile phone that you have in your pocket.

In TeamPlan you have an overview of the staff and you can access PDC Plan so that you can easily find a person to take over the vacant shift and be sure everything required is reported to payroll etc.

TeamPlan gives the ward manager a complete overview of the roster in an easily accessible manner. If you have on-call duties outside normal working hours or need to decide on temporary coverage when you are not in the workplace, TeamPlan is the quick and flexible solution.


TeamPlan Provides:

Overview of today’s plan

The ward manager has the complete and current overview of today’s and the imminent days of the shift plan. The shifts can be spread over several locations or departments. The overview and facilities in TeamPlan make it easy to assess whether more staff are needed when absence occurs.

Easy handling of absence

When an employee signs up absent, it is immediately possible to register in TeamPlan and then decide what to do with the upcoming shifts. This means that you immediately take care of the absence and update PDC Plan, so that other planners can see that both illness and replacement are handled. It is quick to offer the shift via a “shift exchange” to a group of colleagues, assign it to a specific replacement or just note that there is no need for a replacement for that particular shift.

Shift offering to colleagues

TeamPlan offers the opportunity to offer a shift on a “shift exchange”. It is relevant if the shift is in the near future and you can wait for one of the selected employees to take the shift.

Easy access to PDC Plan without a computer

In an everyday life, Department Managers and Planners have more tasks than just scheduling. Therefore, they do not sit permanently and work in PDC Plan, however there is an ongoing need to manage absence that is reported.

TeamPlan makes it easy to handle absence messages that only concern the next few days. It can be done anywhere with either WIFI or mobile phone’s 3G / 4G connection without having to go back to a computer. This makes the scheduler’s work processes more flexible, while maintaining the full overview. Long-term absence is handled in PDC Plan.

Automatic administration

All changes in the plan affect the individual person’s hourly accounts, salary, etc. therefore it is important that all the necessary administrative adjustments are properly implemented.

This is done automatically in TeamPlan, which is fully integrated with PDC Plan. As soon as a change is made in TeamPlan, it affects all aspects of the shift planning: inventories, settlements, legislation check and much more.

Ole Grønskov,
Sales Director, Workforce Management

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