Absence Management

It can be accessed on smartphones or tablets and works as the managers

TeamPlan, Manager App to PDC Plan

TeamPlan is an app or web application for department managers who handle the day-to-day operational tasks regarding scheduling in PDC Plan. This means that the manager can have the full overview of the staff. Continuous changes to shifts can be handled without the use of a computer with access to PDC Plan or “post-its”. All changes are automatically synchronized with the schedule.

TeamPlan provides access to StaffPlan without a computer

TeamPlan Provides:

  1. Overview of today’s plan
  2. Easy handling of absence
  3. Shift offering to colleagues
  4. Easy access to PDC Plan without a computer

TeamPlan is divided into 3 parts, “Plan”, “Outstanding” and “Changes”, which makes it easy to use for planning personnel. It is possible to use TeamPlan in a large department with several subdivisions or for a single department. It only depends on the rights defined in the PDC fPlan.

TeamPlan contains all the information you need to find a replacement here and now. It could be staff information like the telephone number or plan information e.g. about a breach of working time rules, the information is right at your fingertips on your Smartphone.

TeamPlan gives the department manager a complete overview of the roster in an easily accessible manner. If you have an on-call duty outside normal working hours or need to decide on temporary coverage when you are not in the workplace, TeamPlan is the quick and flexible solution.

Ole Grønskov,
Sales Director, Workforce Management

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