Time recording in terms of shift planning provides time savings

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Time Registration

PDC Plan offers the possibility of time recording in connection with shift planning.

PDC Plan supports integration with 3rd party arrival/departure systems and alternatively via PDC’s own clocking facility in MyPlan. You can also open time registrations without the use of a come/go system by directly entering the day in MyPlan.

In the following, we describe how electronic time recording in MyPlan can reduce the planner’s daily time spent on registering and approving manual inquiries. It is not uncommon to have timesheets, yellow post-its, verbal messages in the hallway and the like.
With the time stamp functionality in MyPlan, the employees make their own registrations, which may relate to:

  • Simple attendance (come/go) and Flex
  • Absence, activities, overtime, extra work,…

Setting up time registration in PDC Plan is customized by PDC in relation to each customer’s wishes.

Depending on the customer’s setup, the planner must then simply approve registrations or alternatively the registrations can be approved automatically.

Employee registration

Attendance (clocking) and Flex. If your department uses a time stamp, employees must sign in when they arrive and sign out when they go home. This is done in MyPlan.

In MyPlan, it is also possible to indicate reasons for any deviations from the duty schedule. For example, the employee has an opportunity to note why he/she stayed longer at work or perhaps went home earlier.
If you have forgotten to stamp in upon arrival, you can do so afterwards with retroactive effect. All types of deviations in registrations can be collected in a list, e.g. as below.

Time registration

Some workplaces use Flex time and this can be incorporated into PDC Plan’s time recording. “Flex” is defined in the calculation rules that apply to the company or department. In this way, it is handled if employees leave/arrive out of planned shifts – just as time off can be part of this.

Absence, activities, overtime, extra work, …. Employees can themselves register extra time, tasks, etc. if this is activated for their department. This means that registrations can vary from department to department, whereas absence registration is set up for the entire organisation.
Employees must enter all forms of registration in MyPlan.

The employee records time, activities, overtime etc. by clicking on a working day in the “calendar” icon in MyPlan. After this, the working day opens, where you have to click on “Correct day” at the top of the page. The employee sees his original shift, and if the employee wants to register time or absence, press “+ New”.
If there are several corrections for the same day, they can be carried out before the day is saved on “Save day”. The registrations now appear in the calendar view.


Planner’s handling

Setting up time tracking is easy. To get started with time registration, it requires setup in PDC Plan. Administrator / Planner must indicate which type of time registration the employees must have access to. This is done under properties of the organizational unit.

New attendance list
In the ‘attendance list’, planners can form an overview of whether all employees have arrived as planned. It also shows whether employees are absent, met late and who has a scheduled meeting time later in the day.
The list can be placed in the toolbar for quick access. The planner has the following options in the attendance list:

  • Manual time registration for an employee who has forgotten to stamp in/out
  • Call an employee sick
  • Offer a shift
  • Jump to identity card
  • Switch between views via filters in the list

Flex overview
When departments are set up with flex time, employees’ stamps will automatically adjust Flex balances. The planner can follow the employee’s flex balance via the total in VagtPlan.

Activities for registration
The department has the option of creating assignments in PDC Plan, which allows employee registration in MyPlan. The department may well have tasks that the employee is not permitted to use in MyPlan.
It is possible to associate a wage type with the task if this triggers a supplement such as money or time.
The use of the function is not limited to tasks, but can also be used to register e.g. overtime, extra time, etc.

It is possible to allow employees to make absence registrations via MyPlan. This is set up via PDC, as it is a customer-specific setup.

Locking and authentication
It is recommended that you lock the periods continuously, e.g. weekly, in order to have the most accurate starting point for payroll. After checking records, deviations are displayed in a list on the approval or rejection screen. Finally, the registrations are approved and sent to payroll.


Ole Grønskov,
Sales Director, Workforce Management

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