Staff Planning in Retail

Reduce labor costs and save time while improving customer service and increasing turnover

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Staff Planning in Retail

As a Retail Business you experience immense competition, price wars and low profit margins. Your Customers focus on product supply, long opening hours and service, and to remain competitive you must optimise costs and processes everywhere.

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A crucial task in the battle for Customers is to deliver high end quality and service. This requires, above all, competent and appropriate Staff when customers visit the store. This is a major challenge for all retailers who have a large variation in the number of visitors, tight budgets, severe regulations from trade unions, and on the other side employees asking for flexibility.

PDC Plan provides retailers success through cost effective and dynamic work planning and a coherent process for planning, communication with employees, time registration and salary reporting.


Shift planning software for businesses with 500+ employees

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Powerful Planning Features

Work plans in PDC Plan ensure competent and appropriate staff for all tasks and in all important positions throughout the opening hours – while labor costs are made visible and kept down, agreements and rules are complied with, and employees’ preferences met.

Store managers get support in their daily dispatch work using TeamPlan just like Employees have MyPlan where there can see their work schedules, various accounts and they can communicate with planners and colleagues.


PDC Plan is user friendly and the system has been well received in our stores. PDC Plan increases the clarity in our Work Plans and has made planning much more flexible. You can manage Plans over a longer period of time and means it is easier to optimise the use of Staff. Store Employees must be at work at the right time for the sake of the business, but it is also important that we respect the rules. PDC Plan helps us with this. 

Peter Guldager, Region Manager in Flügger Colours, Danmark



  • Lower labor costs by avoiding overstaffing and unnecessary overtime pay, and by reducing allowances
  • Satisfied customers and increased sales by ensuring adequate and qualified staff in all positions throughout business hours
  • Satisfied, committed employees and less absenteeism by involving staff effectively in the planning process and by respecting collective agreements and by calculating correct salary
  • Overview, less wastage and less administration by ensuring an efficient process from planning to salary reporting

Ole Grønskov,
Sales Director, Workforce Management

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