StaffPlan streamlines the entire staff scheduling

StaffPlan helps managing duty hours and task assignment as well as getting the most out of the staffing resources

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Optimized Staff Scheduling in Retail

StaffPlan is a scalable system for medium sized and large Supermarkets and Chain Stores. The system has proven its value and strengths for many years in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic countries.



“The StaffPlan system meets our requirements and solves our problems. PDC is a reliable and responsive supplier with good references in Chain Store Companies in the Nordic region. We are very pleased to collaborate with PDC and look forward to expanding and developing in the future.”

Tomas Grönesjö, Project Manager in Flügger



Easy Planning
What is the requirement for Manpower? Is there a need for extra help during the Summer Holidays? StaffPlan makes the future, as well as the daily planning, simple by providing effective planning tools, search tools and relevant information available in an uncluttered picture. By using StaffPlan you spend less time making plans and still benefit from having an overview of your resources.

Better Plans – Improved Service – Increased Sales
Good service has a positive impact on sales. The key to provide good service lies within having adequate, qualified staff to serve customers. StaffPlan assists in making good Roster Plans, and the Planner can create a plan where tasks are matched with Employees’ duty hours and qualifications, securing effectiveness which is the basis for increased sales.

Satisfied Employees and Reduced Absence
StaffPlan enables the Staff to wish for duty hours and time off. These preferences are directly visible to the planner and therefore can easily be considered during planning. When employees are involved in the planning process the sense of responsibility and satisfaction increases. This shows e.g. in reduced absence due to sickness.

Consistency and Structure
The Store gets a User Friendly and efficient Planning Tool and additionally StaffPlan creates structure in the Enterprise through standard methods for planning, communication of Plans, Payroll Accounting and Reporting which leads to transparency and consistency in vital processes.

Compliance to Collective Agreements and Regulations
StaffPlan manages hundreds of Rules and Agreements – both in the individual Store and across National Borders. All Employees are treated equally and fair under the current Rules and that everyone gets proper remuneration under the relevant Agreements. Managers don’t have to worry about compliance or interpretation of Agreements.

Sharing of Staff
Having several Stores within a geographic area, it is natural to exploit each other’s resources and therefore keep costs down to external replacements or overtime. Using StaffPlan Stores can borrow Staff from each other. The Employee immediately appears in the Roster Plan where she/he will work. Salary and costs are automatically reclassified and KPI’s are always kept up to date.

Key Figures and Management Information

With StaffPlan documentation of the Roster Plans, useful Statistics and Management information is available at all levels.

Key figures are calculated instantly based on Roster Plans, turnover and other imported data. Realised and projected earnings as well as absenteeism rates are easily compared and can be used by the Shop Manager during planning or by the Area Manager in the ongoing follow up.

KPI’s can be aggregated to a Corporate level and you can benchmark different units across the Company.

Overview of Hours, Holiday, Time off in Lieu, etc.
Manual accounts for time off in lieu, overtime etc. are common in many stores. With StaffPlan they are no longer necessary because the Planner can register this data in the system. This means the store always has an updated overview of each individual’s hours, time off in lieu and vacation balances.

Time Registration or Integration with Clocking Systems
Employees can register their hours via an app, MyPlan. Alternatively, StaffPlan can integrate with an existing Clocking System. When time registration or a Clocking System is used, it is natural to let these records form the basis for the final payroll in StaffPlan. This helps to simplify administrative routines and reduces errors.

Integration to Payroll Systems
Once the plan is implemented and adjusted to the actual working hours, the collected records are transferred to the company’s payroll system. Again, automation reduces the risk of erroneous entries significantly and saves time on administration.


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  • Cost savings on salary
  •  Transparency and standardisation
  • Administrative relief
  •  Improved Service level and increased Sales
  • Satisfied Employees and reduced absence

Ole Grønskov,
Sales Director, Workforce Management

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