Resource Planning in Broadcasting

Multi Resource Planning

Broadcasting is a highly dynamic industry that involves various types of resources (staff and equipment) to produce high quality news and entertainment. Different staff skills need to be managed and equipment need to be leveraged for maximum utilization. Whether you are a newsroom or longterm feature production this is not a trivial task. Interdependencies and constraints for resource assignments, constantly changing production schedules, and complex legislation related to working hours result in numerous elements that must be integrated into the planning puzzle.

Therefore, most broadcasters are forced to use a proven planning solution to ensure the right resources in the right place at the right time - every time.

This is what PDC RMS can do for you.

With more than 20 years in the market, PDC RMS is the all-in-one solution to assist you with:

  • Managing the complex logistics of coordinating people, vehicles and equipment
  • Integrating long term strategic planning with medium-term and daily detailed scheduling
  • Optimizing productivity and improving cost-effectiveness
  • Assurance of compliance with complicated legistation
  • Ensure correct payroll calculations

PDC RMS manages the complex logistics of staff scheduling and job assignment