PDC StaffPlan at Borispol Airport in Kiev

Ensures that Wayne Rooney makes it to the European Football Championships in 2012

Imagine England playing here in Ukraine without Wayne Rooney! Why? Because we do not have a staircase to his plane - so while the national anthem played at the stadium, he is 'trapped' inside a plane, waiting for an available staircase. Afterwards, he rushes through the terminal just to realize that the people who should get the suitcases in the plane are busy with other tasks or pauses - why? Because tasks have not been coordinated precisely enough.

It's scenarios like this that no one wants to happen. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have the right system in place. Like all other airports, we live an ever-changing environment, but when you increase the quantity of tasks even small changes in schedules such as delays or lack of equipment spread in ever- widening circles and affect the entire system.

staff scheduling in Borispol airport

The Need for an Innovative Solution

The solution delivered to Boryspil International Airport includes the following programs: PDC StaffPlan, PDC Stan Plan, PDC SCORE - all developed and marketed by Prolog Development Center A/S. This suite of applications is a wall to wall airport solution for small and medium-sized airports and provides the following key benefits:

  • The ability to plan resources based on the expected demand (schedules) and adjust based on actual demand (real-time flight arrival / departure)
  • Overview of available resources at any time
  • Ability to simulate and optimize resource allocation across functional areas
  • The ability to demonstrate compliance with airline SLA (ie reducing the number of fines)
  • Better maintenance planning (avoid peak periods)
  • Decision support and simulation capability related to stand and gate allocation
  • Slot coordination system to optimize the airport's exploitation

Implementation started early 2009 and the first parts of the solution were operational since June 2009. The project was finally closed successfully by the end of 2010. When asked about the process of implementing new systems with a foreign supplier, we have the following comment: "We expected that the project would face many challenges due to both cultural and language barriers, but I must say that both PDC and we effectively removed these obstacles and became focused. Both parties had a healthy interest in making a success and a common goal is a solid basis for cooperation."

efficient staff scheduling in airports