Flügger A/S

For several years Flügger Color was looking for a combined staff planning and time registration system to approximately 300 stores. After a long and thorough selection process that included workshops with different suppliers and business visits (among others to PDC clients) a decision was taken in November 2010 in favor of PDC StaffPlan.

"It was important for us that there was consensus on the decision, and that all parties and countries agreed in vendor selection," says Tomas Grönesjö, project manager at Flügger.

A common system provides overview and transparency

Before PDC StaffPlan, the workflow was tideous and characterized by different methods in our shops and across countries. Each store manager had his own way of making work plans, record and report, etc. Much time was spend to send documents and Excel spreadsheets from the stores to the payroll accountants. Some store managers forgot to submit time sheets and then some employees did not get paid correctly. We had no effective tools, to ensure that the current work rules and laws of the different countries were respected and that employees were given the allowances and benefits they were entitled to under the collective agreements. Flügger wanted to improve this situation with a single system - for the benefit of the company as well as for the employees.


Flügger emphasized a rapid implementation in the peak summer months of 2011. PDC consultants trained a team of super-users from Flügger which subsequently was responsible for the internal training of store managers in the individual countries. Initially, PDC StaffPlan was implemented in Denmark and later in Sweden and Norway during the autumn of 2011.

workforce management in retail chain stores

Reduced Administration and Fewer Errors

Another benefit of PDC StaffPlan is less administatration on salary account holders in different countries. Flügger runs with different payroll systems in the different countries and one of the requirements for PDC StaffPlan was that the system had to deliver data to and integrate with each of these systems. So far integrate against Visma Salary in Norway and Agda Salaries in Sweden. Flügger also expects fewer mistakes in paid work and uniform interpretation and use of laws and regulations since the introduction of StaffPlan.

Expand the Installation in the Near Future

Next step is to implement PDC StaffPlan in Poland and in the Flügger-owned chain store PB Master Paint. Flügger expect this to happen in autumn 2011.

Reduced administration with PDC StaffPlan