PDC StaffMobile available on smartphones

Good communication between company and employees is in many ways extremely important and valuable. Therefore, we have made excellent facilities available that improves communication both ways.

Starting with the employees' entrance to provide preferences for duties hours, swap shifts with colleagues to recording performed work, StaffMobile is a great asset of PDC StaffPlan. StaffMobile can be accessed via the internet and smartphones and enables the staff to:

  • See own work plans and scheduled tasks
  • See historic and future plans
  • Register preferences work duty hours and time off
  • Register actual work hours
  • See updated balances for vacation, time-off-in-lieu, etc.
  • Swap shifts
  • Send / receive messages
  • And more

Employee Influence

Experience shows that such facilities contribute to balancing private lives and working lives. They contribute to a better working environment, greater responsibility to work plans, an overall greater employee satisfaction and reduced absence due to sickness.

Work plans are dynamic and schedule print-outs are soon outdated. Offline balances for vacation and time-off-in-lieu do not always provide realized figures when they are submitted by the payroll system. A common situation that StaffMobile solves effectively.

PDC StaffMobile manages communication between planner and employees