Emergency Medical Services

Workforce Management

Your business is based on providing assistance to the general public in medical emergencies - 24x7x365. The traditional view of emergency medical services as simply transporting patients to hospital is no longer accurate. Often, you do much more than this. Many of your staff have the skills to save patients' lives or other specific skills required in an emergency situation.

Whether you are transporting people to hospital, or otherwise providing assistance, you have some serious challenges to overcome to continue providing reliable and high quality service. Resources are sqeezed and commissioning arrangements change.

Its is a challenge to balance the contractual preparedness demands with the costly and scarce manpower and other resources. This is not easily achieved. Not only do you need the proper staffing with the proper qualifications available. You also have to be able to manage and control the use of staff, vehicles and other equipment towards the economically optimal outcome.

PDC StaffPlan / RMS streamlines the entire staff and resource scheduling process, which translates to better customer care, better work plans and less overtime, less administration - while assuring that all manpower needs are met and ultimately within budgets.

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