Staff Scheduling in Healthcare

Workforce Management and Staff Scheduling in Hospitals and Elder Care

Creating good staff schedules in hospitals and nursing homes that operate 24x7 is often a complicated process. It is difficult to clearly appreciate the many possible combinations of duty periods, duty hours, time-off-in-lieu requirements, holidays, etc. and make sure that each person works the correct number of hours.

Being compliant with external rules and agreements is not a trivial task and combining it with assuring that doctors and nurses with proper skills and qualifications are on duty emphasizes the need for a good decision support tool.

Shift planning in healthcare with PDC StaffPlan


PDC StaffPlan is used for more than 20 years in hospitals and in elder care.
Our customers experience a wide range of benefits through PDC StaffPlan, and the most significant are:

Cost Savings by minimizing over manning, overtime pay and by reducing bonuses
Less administration and simplification
of the payroll work and many tedious operations
Satisfied, committed employees and less absenteeism
by involving staff effectively in the work planning process
Greater consistency, fairness and objectivity
in the planning for all employees

Clients Say

PDC StaffPlan is a robust system

2000 Schedulers Manage 130.000 Employees

The Capitol Region of Denmark (RH) has used PDC StaffPlan since 1999.
For this long period we have appreciated the stability of the system as well as the innovation projects
and the developing of the software according to the needs due to growing number of staff and requirements.
PDC's solution was selected since we needed a short and fast implementation. A choice that has proven right.
RH has 42.000 employees and we calculate salaries for 130.000 people that are all registered in PDC StaffPlan.
We have 2000 users of the system (consultants, schedulers and office clerks).

Says Karsten Abildskov Hansen, General Salary Manager

PDC StaffPlan used since 2007

Used PDC StaffPlan with great satisfaction since 2007

Ishoej municipality has used PDC StaffPlan with great satisfaction since 2007 to roster staff in elderly care and social institutions -
about 400 nursing home employees and home visiting caregivers. “The system provides functionality that eases our daily lives considerably.
What is most important for us is the set of "counters" which shows how much work, time off, holidays, overtime etc. has been assigned to each employee.
I would like to recommend PDC StaffPlan to colleagues, working with rostering".

Says Vicky Eliasen, IT coordinator, Ishoej Municipality