HR Planning

Optimize staff usage and productivity

When operating a large business, it is important to stay on top of your staff's employment contracts, times, absences and vacation management.

Having in mind that labor costs often account for a large share of a business's total costs there are great potentials in reducing staff expenses and increasing profit by optimizing staff usage and productivity. However, it’s not just down to efficiency. It’s also about the long term effects of a happier and more loyal workforce - and eventually happier customers.

This is a main objective with PDC StaffPlan.

HR management using PDC StaffPlan

Staff Preferences

Most employees appreciate the option to balance their work and private lives. They want flexibility and influence on their working hours. Workforce management with PDC StaffPlan provides facilities that support involvement of the staff. They bring many benefits to both the employee, to the planner and the company.

The employee can submit preferences for time off and for work via a mobile portal which can be accessed either through PC over the internet, or a smartphone. Historically, this influence increases loyalty to the duty plans, responsibility towards colleagues and general satisfaction.

From a planner's point of view, it is great administrative relief when staff members do parts of the scheduling themselves. From a business perspective happy employees often mean reduced absence due to sickness and increased productivity.

Submit your preferences for work time