Integrations / Payroll Systems

Smooth coexistance with other systems

Are you thinking about implementing PDC StaffPlan and integrate it with HR, finance, payroll or other systems, but aren’t sure if it’s worth the time and money? It offers several significant benefits:

  • You can eliminate double-entry and capture detailed time transactions at source in real time, allowing for analysis of time and cost on a minute-by-minute basis. This also ensures that each time entry is allocated to a specific staff member, to make sure that the right jurisdictional rules are applied to each employee and group.
  • By putting the time and duty entries in the hands of employees and/or supervisors, you greatly reduce the corrections needed after the pay has been processed.
  • If you use schedules that integrates directly to payroll, you can simply change the schedule and have that pass directly to payroll for processing. Employees only enter what is different than their standard schedule; they only enter the exceptions.

Enjoy the time saving benefits of a paperless payroll process. Do not worry about the cost or difficulty of implementation? PDC already integrates to a number of payroll systems and most likely your's is one of them.

PDC StaffPlan integrates to a number of 3rd party products