Performance Indicators

Performance and Expenditure Overview

Successful businesses do things a little faster, a little smarter and a little more innovative. PDC StaffPlan's dashboards provides you with the digital engine that it takes. Dig deep into the databases, and turn ‘dead’ data into new knowledge. Present real-time data in the correct form for the right people exactly when they need it - even mobile - and strengthen your operational and strategic decisions.

The dashboard provides a highly configurable framework to give a graphical charting frontend to your data, so information can be presented as visual appealing charts.

Find the Hidden Gold

Plans and schedules often contain huge amounts of data. With the dashboard you can easily create clear graphical charts that shows the data in a meaningful way. Not only can you often identify where things are going well and where things are not going so well. You can also find the explanation of why it goes the way it does - which enables you to take the necessary actions. Using the dashboard you can not only analyze historical data – you can analyze trends and future plans.

PDC StaffPlan provides a great number of KPI's that provide overview of performance and expenditures