Workforce Management News


January PDC and "Danish Prison and Probation Service" have entered an agreement about delivery of a workforce management solution. We look forward to implementing PDC-StaffPlan for all 5000 employees.


October PDC and Mols-Linien (ferry company) entered an agreement about delivering PDC StaffPlan for workforce management
June PDC StaffPlan is available in a Spanish version - meaning that we support 8 different languages.
May PDC had two successfull "PDC StaffPlan Networking Days" where we gathered StaffPlan client across several different lines of business. The days were very appreciated by the participants who benefitted a lot from networking with colleagues.


October PDC and Falck have entered an agreement about delivery of PDC StaffPlan - beginning with Sweden and Spain.

August COOP DK (large Danish retail chains) includes the FAKTA chain stores in their use of PDC StaffPlan.

July The national Norwegian Mail Service enters agreement with PDC about delivery of PDC StaffPlan for their entire staff.

January TV2 Lorry acquires PDC StaffPlan / PDC RMS for workforce planning and production scheduling.


October COOP Denmark (large retail chain) expands their use of PDC StaffPlan to include the FAKTA chain.
February Flügger Color stores expand their use of PDC StaffPlan to all stores in Poland.

February PDC takes over the Ovivo product (for management of replacement workers) which is being included into the PDC product porte folio. The Ovivo company and customer support is managed by PDC's strategic partner SD.
February TV 2 (national Danish broadcaster) puts PDC StaffPlan / PDC RMS in operation for total resource management of all 1200 employees and equipment required to operate a TV station.
January PDC launches a new module, MobileWeb, to PDC StaffPlan which includes a wealth of new facilities that e.g. allows production planning.