Production Planning

Get the Most Out of Your Assets

PDC delivers an innovative planning solution that enables planners to stay lean, increase productivity and optimize resource utilization through our intuitive user interfaces, real-time KPI-focused accounting tools and automated planning capabilities.

We recognize that our clients across different industries have unique requirements and we see it as a virtue to inspire them with new planning methods. That is why we specialize in providing software that solves your business challenges and meets your unique and varied industry-specific requirements.

PDC RMS proves to be especially suitable for business that operate beyond 9-to-5 and in dynamic environments with constant, non-predictable changes to plans.

PDC RMS is one of our primary solutions for logistics management and builds heavily on our expertice in the area of workforce, agreements, regulations, financial and salary management. Additionally, PDC RMS supports planning and optimized utilization of non-human resources, like equipment, vehicles, locations, etc.

PDC RMS for production and activity planning

Look into the Future

PDC RMS includes a prospective overview of the planning situation and provides the information that enables planning in a clear picture, e.g. Gantt charts, histograms and dash boards. Our friendly user interfaces makes it easy to overview manning and equipment load compared to demand - and potential "problems" to consider.

Such a prospective, managerial overview increases the ability to respond to changes in advance which ultimately enables you to increase productivity, performance and profitability. Furthermore, a rich set of automatics and planning facilities eliminate many burdensome administrative routines.

PDC StaffPlan provides financial overview