PDC StaffPlan References and Case Stories

PDC StaffPlan increases transparency and has made planning much more flexible in:

  • Healthcare (hospitals and eldercare)
  • National Norwegian Mail
  • Coop Denmark and Coop Sweden (supermarkets)
  • TV2 (national broadcaster)
  • Flügger, Hemtex, Lindex (retail chains)
  • DSB (railroad)
  • Falck (ambulance service)
  • And others

Read the article describing solutions for a Scandinavian retail chain.

PDC solution ensured that Wayne Rooney made it to the European Football Championships in 2012. Read the article that describes the system at Borispol Airport in Ukraine.

Shift planning

Staff planning and resource optimization

Clients Say



Hospitals in the Capitol Region of Denmark

"The Capitol Region of Denmark (RH) has used PDC StaffPlan since 1999. For this long period we have appreciated the stability of the system as well as the innovation projects and the developing of the software according to the needs due to growing number of staff and requirements. PDC's solution was selected since we needed a short and fast implementation. A choice that has proven right. RH has 42.000 employees and we calculate salaries for 130.000 people that are all registered in PDC StaffPlan. We have 2000 users of the system (consultants, schedulers and office clerks)."

Karsten Abildskov Hansen, General Salary Manager

Flügger Color

"The PDC StaffPlan system meets our requirements and solves our problems. PDC is a reliable and responsive supplier with good references in chain companies in the Nordic region. We are very pleased to collaborate with PDC and look forward to expanding and developing the future."

Tomas Grönesjö, Project Manager in Flügger

Elderly Care in Denmark

Ishoej municipality has used PDC StaffPlan with great satisfaction since 2007 to roster staff in elderly care and social institutions - about 400 nursing home employees and home visiting caregivers.

"The system provides functionality that eases our daily lives considerably. What is most important for us is the set of "counters" which shows how much work, time off, holidays, overtime etc. has been assigned to each employee.
Our staff have varying regulations and employment agreements in the form of full-time and part-time jobs e.g. expressed in 25, 27, 30 or 35 hours of work per week and not least weekday / holiday settlement. It is difficult to assess and manage a plan, but PDC StaffPlan’s "counters" give a clear idea of whether we meet the employees' contracts.
The "counters" provide employees with assurance for correct statements and overview of whether they have receivable time off or work. Good planning assistance of services to citizens is also available as PDC StaffPlan also offers integration to the care system of the municipality.
“I would like to recommend PDC StaffPlan to colleagues, working with rostering"

Says Vicky Eliasen, IT coordinator, Ishoej Municipality


Mols-Linien is a Danish fast ferry company with approximately 300 employees, linking Jutland and Zealand with up to 26 daily departures.

As a ferry company, it is essential to have the correct staffing levels relative to demand and the necessary security. Over Staffing provides increased costs and understaffing means reduced service or dismissed guests. Security planning is complicated by the requirement for crew qualification, which also must be coordinated in relation to the expected ticket sales. This must also be matched with the schedule - and last but not least, there are also work rules to be observed. Previously, the planning of duties was made in spreadsheets which quickly became unmanageable and information should be updated manually in a duty dispatch system.

"With PDC RMS, we have an integrated planning and dispatch tool for importing the expected figures for ticket sales, automatic validation of qualifications at each departure, and ensure that we comply with labor rules. Employees benefit from an online roster available on their smartphones - instead of a printed roster plans. "

"Following the implementation of PDC StaffPlan we've actually gotten so good control of planning and production, that the need for an" Early Warning " on wages is very limited."

Says Jesper Skovgaard, Commercial Director of Mols-Linien