Time Registrations and Salary

Foundation for correct payroll

Once your staff receives their roster plans and have performed their duties, PDC StaffPlan calculates a salary base for each employee's payroll. To calculate the correct payroll information any changes to the planned working hours must be registered and consolidated. Afterwards, the plan can be approved for payroll and at last the calculated bonuses and payments are transferred to the payroll system where the final pay check is created.

Time Registration - Clocking System

PDC StaffPlan supports registration of actually worked hours through many different platforms such as clocking systems or the PDC employee web portal "StaffMobile". Another and simpler method is that performed work is manually typed directly into PDC StaffPlan on behalf of the employees.

Consolidation of Records

'Consolidation' is about time registrations being compared and merged with the original plan. It can be done entirely or partly automatically and thereby save the planning officer a lot of time. E.g. what is PDC StaffPlan supposed to calculate if an employee meets 1/2 an hour before the scheduled meeting time? Will this half hour trigger overtime, flex-time or is it in fact unpaid work? What happens if employees register work in the middle of a scheduled holiday period?

Consolidation rules in PDC StaffPlan determines what will be calculated in various situations and the rules are individually configured for each client.

time registration in PDC StaffPlan