Staff Planning in Retail

Reduce Labor Costs and Save Time while Improving Customer Service and Increasing Turnover

This may sound like a paradox but it is possible with intelligent workforce planning in PDC StaffPlan!  As a retail business you experience immense competition, price wars and low profit margins. Your customers place great demands on product supply, long opening hours and service, and to remain competitive you have to optimize costs and processes everywhere.

A crucial mean in the battle for customers is to deliver high quality service. This requires, above all, competent and appropriately staff when customers visit the store. This is a major challenge for all retailers that have a large variation in the number of visitors, tight budgets, severe demands from trade unions, and employees asking for flexibility.

PDC StaffPlan provides retailers success through cost-effective and dynamic work planning and a coherent process for planning, communication with employees, time registration and salary reporting.

Work plans in PDC StaffPlan ensure competent and appropriately staff for all tasks and in all important positions throughout the opening hours - while labor costs are made visible and kept down, agreements and rules are complied, and employees’ preferences met.

Roster plans for staff in retail stores