Workforce Management in Service and Industry

While huge amounts of time and money is being spent on concept developments, exploiting work processes, financial control mechanisms etc. - we often miss solutions to maximise utilization of employees and other assets of our company.

Despite the differences, many larger organisations and companies working beyond 9-5 have similar characteristics and challenges:

  • Large numbers of staff to be scheduled and tracked
  • Varied facilities and equipment to be scheduled
  • Coordination, planning and reporting needed of the resources - maybe across multiple business units or countries
  • A need to implement and manage new and more flexible working practices
  • Ability to accurately cost work plans in advance
  • Ensure compliance with labor rules and legislation

With PDC StaffPlan you have a state-of-the-art work force management solution that assists you with satisfying your customers' fluctuating demand for better service and still reduces costs significantly. You will optimize your employees' fixed and flexible work plans based on estimated or actual demand and timetables?

Staff scheduling and workforce management

Clients are satisfied with PDC StaffPlan

Clients Say

We have used PDC StaffPlan since 1989 and appreciate the solution very much. E.g. in the follow-up phase, it's easy and fast to adjust shifts to reflect who have actually been working on a given day. Furthermore, it is a splendid system for managing the monthly salaries. It's quick and easy to get useful information of how many hours each person has performed, including the various shift supplements.

Conny Hedegaard, Staff Planner at Scandinavian Airlines Flight Dispatch, comments on PDC StaffPlan