We have 30 years of experience in Intelligent Planning Solutions

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PDC delivers business critical IT solutions for Resource Planning and Scheduling in complex Industries.

PDC is a 100% Danish-owned, high-tech software house with the stated goal:

  • To be at the forefront internationally in the development of knowledge based systems, expert systems and logic programming;
  • Applying this technology to practical applications with our customers, providing tangible benefits, often closely integrated with other computer technologies.

Today, we deliver business critical solutions for Resource Planning and Optimisation in complex, people focused industries. For 30 years, businesses in Denmark and across the World have relied on PDC’s unique knowledge based technology to deploy rules and AI methods for optimizing efficient Decision Support. Typically, our clients operate in dynamic and time constrained environments and we provide them with automation and intelligent decision support which enables them to optimize their business processes.

In Aviation, Healthcare, Emergency Services, Broadcasting, Retail, Postal and Security Services –  businesses that keep the world running are powered by PDC.



countries worldwide use a PDC Planning Solution


of the World’s Air Traffic is managed by Coordinators using PDC SCORE


people’s work plans are made using PDC Plan


We are people with a passion and responsibility for our clients

Working together with PDC you will experience that we are dedicated to attain an unmatched level of expertise in your industry and to be customer-focused. We make products that enable you to make the most of your business and it is our goal to deliver solutions that make your breakthrough to optimum performance possible.

The people of PDC take corporate responsibility seriously and it is absolutely fundamental for us that companies that choose to work with us are confident of our competences, quality and delivery capability. We put great pride in the trust and loyalty we have gained from our clients and partners.

PDC has built long-standing collaborations with some of the leading suppliers within their respective markets. These alliances ensure that PDC will have the necessary reach and delivery capability to reach our customers within the segments we want to focus on.

Decision Support from the bottom up

PDC works with AI technologies

Artificial Intelligence

PDC develops Visual Prolog® which is a high level programming language with its roots in the logical programming language, Prolog. The Prolog language gives a strong advantage in implementing smart declarative models, doing rule based planning or using heuristics and constraints to solve problems.

Visual Prolog® is used for e.g. AI, mathematical optimization, expert systems and includes the best features of logical, functional, object-oriented and parallel programming paradigms.

PDC's Visual Prolog is the most widespread Prolog compiler

Our Most Valuable Tool

Visual Prolog® is focused at being the foundation for PDC’s applications. Firstly, it is a fast and safe programming platform, that fits into the various modern connected and layered IT architectures. Secondly, it is the ideal tool for solving problems needed in planning applications with optimisation, plan generation, problem solving and more.

Through time, Visual Prolog® has moved from being the 1st Prolog compiler in the world to be the most extensively used commercial Prolog compiler.

Many of PDC's solutions are based on AI and rule-based technologies

We Do Intelligent Planning

Since the foundation of PDC A/S almost 40 years ago, we strive to solve complex planning issues.

By combining the best features of logical and object oriented programming paradigms, we are able to solve specific tasks that benefit from rule based logical queries such as searching databases, automated planning and more. By using heuristic search and constraints, we can solve the most complex planning tasks, when no obvious solution is to be found.

PDC Spin-off Companies


Over a decade of experience developing Speech Technologies including Speech-to-Text, Speech Synthesis, Dialogue Systems and Telephone Solutions.


Chemical and Nuclear Emergency Organisation Decision Support for preparedness, response, recovery and evaluation.