Workforce Management

- Effective shift schedules
- Reduced labor costs
- Increased productivity
- Satisfied employees and less absence

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PDC Plan streamlines the entire process from "shift planning" to "payroll"

Creating good staff schedules is often a complicated process. It is difficult to clearly appreciate the many possible combinations of duty periods, duty hours, time-off-in-lieu requirements, holidays, etc. that will ensure each person works the correct number of hours.

First and foremost, it is important that internal and external rules are correctly implemented while maintaining adequate manning levels and ensuring a fair distribution of the various shift types. Scheduling restrictions (financial or other) may exist and must be taken into account.

Thus, efficient staff scheduling saves great resources and thus time to focus the efforts on other areas. In addition, time will be saved in the scheduling process itself.


Comprehensive planning models

PDC has great expertise in shift planning, workforce, agreements, rules, finance and payroll management. We have 8 different planning models to offer that meet our customers’ diverse needs.

Employee Influence on Duties

Employee influence leads to a general improvement in the satisfaction amongst staff and improved working morale. When wishes for duties or absence are complied it converts into reduced absence due to sickness and additionally, it also means fewer changes of the schedules in the daily work. For staff reasons this is important but PDC Plan also saves the company a lot of law suits and union cases.

Cost Overview

PDC Plan supplies the required information to get an overview of the total costs of a plan per employee/duty. Thus, it is possible to bring financial aspects into scheduling even beforehand.


peoples' work plans made using PDC Plan


users of staff app for employees to influence their work


languages available plus individual business expressions


planners and 30.000 employees in largest PDC Plan implementation

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