Privacy Policy for MyPlan

Privacy Policy for MyPlan

Last update: June 22, 2020 (version 1.1)

PDC MyPlan is an app for viewing your work plans, making requests and reporting time about your work plan, and communicating with your planner and immediate colleagues.

PDC MyPlan targets employees in organisations that use PDC Plan for work planning. These organisations are then the data owners of all data stored in and processed by PDC Plan, and have the privacy policy related to that use.

PDC MyPlan can be installed even if you are not associated with an organisation using PDC MyPlan. In this case you will be able to view the initial dialog and some demo-usage.

This document concerns the general use of PDC MyPlan and specifically its usage in relation to PDC A/S.

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time, and we recommend that you check this page regularly to stay up to date on any changes we may have made.

This privacy policy supplements, but does not replace, other policies and terms that applies to any specific service made available by PDC A/S.

For Contact Information of PDC A/S and our data privacy policy in general, please view  “Privacy Policy for Apps in General“.

PDC MyPlan contacts a service hosted by PDC A/S for license information using the organisation affiliation code you provide. No personal data is stored at our servers.

PDC A/S may collect usage information. No personal information is transferred to PDC A/S or other parties along with this information. The usage information is analysed and statistically processed for optimising user experience and workflows in PDC MyPlan.

The data used in the planning interaction, such as notes and work requests, are stored in your affiliated organisation’s instance of the PDC Plan database. Your affiliated organisation is the owner of this data, and we kindly refer you to said organisation for their data policy.

PDC A/S works to ensure that data communicated between PDC MyPlan and your employer’s servers are as safe and secure as possible.


Your username and organisation affiliation may be stored in-app on your device. The usage information may be stored until the next logon.

PDC MyPlan does not use cookies.

The organisation associated with your use of PDC MyPlan might use cookies for authentication or other purposes. Please see the privacy policy of said organisation.

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